10 Cold Weather Golfing Tips

Winter is here and it’s proving to be a harsh one!  Golfing is not impossible in the cold, if you take the correct precautions.  If you want to golf in the Winter, but need some advice, you’ve come to the right place!

Wear Extra Socks:  Your feet are one of your most important assets to your golf game.  If your feet are cold, you can’t feel them, if you can’t feel them, how are you going to walk?  You may have a golf cart, but you still have to walk to the tee and swing that club!  Wear at least two pairs of socks, you will be glad you did!

Wear A Warm Hat:  Most of the body’s heat escapes from the head, which makes your core body temperature drop; in the case of extreme cold, a normal hat will not do!  Please wear a warm hat, it’s up to you if you want that fuzzy ball on top; but whatever the case, protect your head!

Wear Layers:  Do you have your hat and extra socks on?  Now, I’m going to tell you to wear even more clothes; yes, more clothes!  I’m not saying that you have to look like Randy from A Christmas Story with coat that looks like you’re going deep sea diving.  Layers are also useful because if you get too warm, you can just take one layer off.  Make sure again, if you’re doing layers, keep moisture out, it can make you colder.

Walk:  In the Winter, the wind is not in your favor.  When driving the golf cart, it’s going to be even colder with the breeze generated by your speed.  Walk instead, yes walk!  Walking not only keeps the hurricane force winds off of you, but it also keeps you warmer since you are moving around.

Hand Warming:  Wear gloves!  If you must wear your golfing gloves, please use hand warmers when possible.  If your hands are too cold to grip the club, a poor squirrel is going to get bonked on the head by your flying club.  For your safety and the wildlife, keep your hands warm!

Warm Golf Ball:  Cold golf balls do not travel as far when it’s cold.  You can lose as much as 3-5 yards for every ten degrees the temperature drops; bad news if you are golfing at the North Pole.  Keep your golf ball in your pocket when not in use.

Be Realistic:  Don’t expect to hit a shot as good as you would when the weather is warmer.  Your ball is colder and your muscles are not as flexible.  You’re not going to hit the ball as far, it’s just part of the Winter golf game.  Use the cold as a possible chance to improve your game, try harder, and don’t give up.

Use A Softer Golf Ball:  In the cold weather, it helps to use a softer golf ball.  The ball is compressed a little more, which helps you get a little more distance out of the shot.  Also when choosing your ball, go for a bright colored ball so you can see against the grey sky or the snow you may be playing near or in.

Thermos:  Before you leave home, how about filling up that thermos with tea or hot chocolate to keep you warm!  Sipping on this delicious treat is not only good for your tastebuds, but will keep you warm if you sip on it throughout your round.  If you’re going to be on the links near lunch time, place some hot soup in the thermos for warmth and a happy tummy!

Extra Clubs:  The cold is going to mess with your game, that’s a factor that any golfer knows.  If you’re wanting to achieve your distance, bring extra clubs, you’re going to need them!  You may need a different club to send that ball to the green, compared to the club you’d always use.

The Pearl Golf Links is not quite as cold as the North Pole, but we do recommend taking precautions against the cold here as well!  Please visit our website for more information about our East and West courses, along with membership package details.