10 Gifts for your Golfer this Christmas

The holidays are a great time to stock up the golfer on your Christmas list with everything they will need for the upcoming season. Not sure what to get for them? Here is a list of things every golfer will be thrilled to get.

  1. Golf balls – Simple as it gets. Find out their preference of golf ball and load em up! Every golfer will tell you that they can never have enough balls. If you want to spice it up a little, you can personalize the balls for them. Most golf ball companies will allow you to add a logo or the player’s name to the balls for a nominal up charge.
  2. Warm weather gear – Chances are, if you live in an area that you can not play golf in the winter, the golfer in your life will be chomping at the bit to get out and play as soon as they can. Most likely the beginning part of golf season will include some cooler days. Keep them warm by getting some layering pieces, or wind breakers. Find some warm weather golf gloves and throw some hand warmers into their stocking.
  3. Golf shoes – Like golf balls a golfer can not have too many pairs of shoes. Be sure to know the correct size and I would always recommend finding a pair that is water proof. There is nothing worse than uncomfortable feet when golfing.
  4. Bluetooth speaker for the golf cart – All the cool golfers have them!  Gone are the days of the stuffy quiet rounds of golf. Find a bluetooth speaker that will fit in the golf cart & pair the speaker up with your smart phone while enjoying 18 holes with your favorite tunes.
  5. Golf bag – Nothing makes an old faithful set of golf clubs look better than a new snazzy golf bag. Find out if your golfer typically walks and carries their bag or uses a golf cart.  Be sure to buy the appropriate bag for whichever method they use.  Make sure the bag has enough pockets to hold all the gear your golfer needs to bring onto the course.
  6. GPS or laser range finder – If you golfer does not have one of these devices be sure to get them one ASAP. These are life changers on the golf course!  No more guessing or pacing off sprinkler heads to get yardages.  Just look at your watch or point your laser at the target and know exactly how far you have.
  7. Golf clubs – The holidays are a great time to find some deals on golf clubs. Most manufacturers roll out their newest lines around the PGA Show in February, so you can find some amazing deals on clubs being phased out for the following season.  
  8. Lessons – Be careful with this one. Only get your golfer lessons if they are new to the game or have mentioned wanting to take lessons in the past. If they are interested in lessons, find a local PGA pro and see if they offer multi-lesson packages. Very rarely can you accomplish long lasting changes in one lesson.
  9. Tickets to a PGA event – Okay, so your golfer has every piece of equipment they could ever need, how about tickets to an upcoming nearby PGA Tour event?  If you are lucky enough to live nearby a tour stop, there is nothing better than going out and watching the best in the world play in person. Better yet, if you can score tickets to a major championship, you will really make your golfer happy.
  10. Golf trip to somewhere warm – There is nothing an avid golfer would rather do than play golf.  There are some great and affordable resorts all over the Southern U.S.  

The Pearl Golf Links wishes you a warm and happy holiday season!  Thank you for a great year and we look forward to seeing you again next year!