You have decided to take a buddy trip to Myrtle Beach, “The Golf Capital of the World”, what do you need to pack and bring with you?

  1. Golf clubs!  You are a serious golfer if you are coming to Myrtle Beach for a golf trip.  The last thing you want to do is play with some foreign set of clubs you have never hit with before.
  2. Extra socks & underwear. If you plan to play 36 holes or more each day (why wouldn’t you with the abundance of courses to play) there is nothing better than slipping on a fresh pair of socks and underwear to freshen up and prepare you for your next round.
  3. Cash in smaller denominations. It is customary to throw the guy who unloads your clubs from your car and sets you up on the golf cart a dollar or two. Most courses will have a beverage cart which will usually only accept cash.
  4. A good appetite. As well as being known for its abundance of golf courses, the Grand Strand has a staggering amount of amazing places to eat.  All you can eat buffets, Calabash style seafood and high end steakhouses pepper the Grand Strand.  Surely, you will find something for even the most picky eater to love.
  5. Tempered expectations. Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t shoot your best scores.  Remember you are playing unfamiliar courses that may have hidden trouble you don’t know about until it is too late, or greens that have subtle breaks you would only know if you played it on a regular basis. Expect to shoot 5-10 shots higher than you do on your home course, don’t be afraid to go low!
  6. A good gps or map app. The Grand Strand is about 100 miles long and some courses may be tricky to find without some help from GPS.  If you don’t have GPS or are having trouble finding a golf course do not hesitate to call the golf shop and get directions.
  7. A good golf course GPS or rangefinder. As stated earlier you will be playing a lot of golf courses for the first time and will be unfamiliar with how far it is to hazards or dog legs. Years back, golf courses were much better at ensuring that sprinkler heads were marked with yardages but now with most players having some sort of range measuring device you will notice a lot less sprinklers are marked.
  8. Some good golf buddies. A round of golf on a world class golf course is always fun, but pair it with some great friends and you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

This article was written by golf professional, Mike Benson.  You may contact Mike at The Pearl Golf Links for more information about the course and facility.