The 10 Best Birdie Opportunities At The Pearl Golf Links

When a golfer tees it up on the first hole of a course, they are familiar with which holes they need to take advantage of, while putting up a good score.  The golfer also knows which holes they just need to survive. Here at The Pearl, we have a number of holes that provide the golfer a great chance at making a birdie and a handful that you have to hold on for dear life when playing. Today we are going to look at the holes players should be making good scores on for the 10 best birdie opportunities!

It’s Birdie Time!

Hole #18 The Pearl West Par 5 – At first for a player unfamiliar with this hole it may not seem a likely birdie hole, but once you have played it and understand what the hole does, you will be licking your chops when you step on the tee box on #18 West. For many players the tee shot will be less than driver. The ideal aiming spot is the left side of the fairway bunker seen from the tee box. A player who can work the ball right to left can get even more aggressive off the tee. A well positioned tee ball will leave you anywhere from 175 – 200 yards to the green. To hit it towards the green you will have to carry it over water but the reward of an eagle put is certainly worth the risk.

Hole #3 The Pearl East Par 4 – The first par 4 on the East Course is certainly a getable hole. Off the tee, the player has the option to be as aggressive as they are comfortable with. The tee shot just needs to avoid the bunkers on the left and right sides of the fairway. From a well positioned tee shot, the player will have a short iron to a pitch shot to the green.

Hole #11 The Pearl West Par 4 – The second hole on the backside of the West Course is a bombers dream. This relatively short par 4 invites the player to wail away with the driver and send it as close the green as they can. There is hazard along the right side of the hole, but there is nothing but open space up the left side, and it’s possible for long hitters to reach the green from the tee. The defense of the hole is certainly the contours on the green, which forces the golfer to be on the proper level to make the putt, but with a wedge in hand that is certainly achievable.

Hole #1 The Pearl East  Par 5– When playing the East Course be sure to get good and loose on the range to be able to take advantage of the first hole. A well struck drive should get you to or even past the bunkers on the right.  Be sure to keep it in the fairway in order to be aggressive and hit fairway metal or hybrid to this green. When hitting to this green, favor the left side to avoid the bunker and leave yourself an up-hill look at the birdie.

Hole #13 The Pearl West Par 3 – The first par 3 on this list, the #13 on the West Course, gives the golfer a short iron off the tee to a green that slopes back to front. As a short hole, the defense is on the green and it has a pretty severe slope that will force the player to stay below the hole to any pin positioned in the middle, or on the front. Control your distance here and you should have a make able birdie putt.